About Us

About Us

Creating Excellence in Carpentry and Renovation with Mubeen Ashraf Carpentry

Founded in September 2017, Mubeen Ashraf Carpentry is a renowned carpentry company with offices in the United Arab Emirates. This company was established by the visionary Mr. Mubeen out of a passion for using his extensive home repair knowledge for the greater benefit. Our handyman services have gradually expanded to include carpentry, strengthening our dedication to quality in the home remodeling sector.

Our path has been characterized by the harmonic fusion of ability and creativity, which has produced an unmatched level of service that distinguishes us from the competition. In addition to meeting the demands of homeowners, Mubeen Ashraf Carpentry takes pride in having a thorough awareness of the particular needs of the hospitality industry. For a variety of establishments, including hotels, hotel residential apartments, villas, hotel bars, restaurants, and kitchens, we take on annual maintenance contracts.

Our wide-ranging portfolio, which includes Commercial Offices, Fit-out Retail Stores, Playrooms, and more, demonstrates our adaptability and capacity to take on various projects. Mubeen Ashraf Carpentry is a leader in the field of carpentry and renovation thanks to a firm dedication to quality and a committed group of knowledgeable experts.

We make sure that every project is carried out precisely and with attention to detail as evidence of our commitment to servicing our clients. Not only does our artistry demonstrate our skill, but also our dedication to client pleasure. We believe in changing rooms into works of art that are specifically designed to satisfy the demands of our clientele.

Mubeen Ashraf Carpentry is a partner in your quest to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your space, not merely a provider of carpentry services. You chose us because of our excellence, dependability, and dedication to making your idea a reality.

To experience the pinnacle of carpentry and remodeling services, where innovation and tradition flawlessly intersect, get in touch with Mubeen Ashraf Carpentry right away. Call us today to start making your vision for a project a reality.

Message from Founder, Mubeen Ashraf


Here at Mubeen Ashraf Carpentry, where the craft of carpentry converges with the science of design, I’m delighted to extend a warm greeting to you. I’d want to discuss our history, principles, and goals with you as the company’s creator.

The core of what we do is quality. We carefully review every assignment, aiming for perfection and paying attention to every last detail. In order to make your vision a reality and bring you delight, we strive to not just meet but also exceed your expectations.

We appreciate you contributing to our story. We can’t wait to create something truly unique for you.

Sincere regards,

Founder : Mubeen Ashraf

Step 1: Contact Us and Design Submission

Customer Contact: The customer should get in touch with us as soon as possible. They can get in touch with us by phone, email, or by using the website's contact form. We welcome customers to share their carpentry needs and ideas during this initial conversation.
Design Concept: Clients are welcome to submit us their ideas, sketches, or other sources of inspiration. We also provide customers the choice to ask for a consultation if they need help coming up with a design.
Quote and Confirmation: In order to present the customer with an initial quote, our staff will analyze their design and specifications. The buyer can confirm their order if they are happy with the quote and design.

Step 2: Measurement and Advance Payment

On-location Measuring: After the order is approved, one of our knowledgeable carpenters will arrange to visit the location and make accurate measurements. This process guarantees that the finished item will fit the space exactly.
Advance Payment: We need the customer to make a payment in advance before we can start making the carpentry goods. This payment guarantees their place in our production schedule and aids in defraying the cost of the supplies.

Step 3: Crafting and Installation

Making: After receiving the upfront money and the measurements, our team will begin making the carpentry items in our workshop. To make specialized products that adhere to the requirements of the client, we combine premium components with skilled craftsmanship.
Quality Control: Each item is thoroughly tested before installation to guarantee it meets our high standards. At this point, any necessary alterations or improvements are made.
Installation: As soon as the carpentry components are prepared, we set a date for installation that works for the client. Our skilled crew will precisely install the products, ensuring that they mix in with the customer's surroundings.


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